Together we create the future

Together we create the future

Together we create the future

Together we create the future

ITB produces plastic and metal products by injection molding, stamping and metal injection molding. We produce and assemble these products in multiple countries. ITB can take care of all pre-production activities for the customer turnkey or, if preferred, to assist in this. From product development, project management, tool creation and production automation to implementation in production.

All under the responsibility of ITB

Together we create the future

Together we create the future. How do we do that? We aim for early supplier involvement and offer the customer a total package. A one-stop shopping model: from product development to project handling and production.

The earlier we are involved in your product development, project and product, the better we – with your and our expertise – can work toward the best solution together.

This enables us to create a sustainable relationship with you as our customer, focused on the future.

Explore our website and get acquainted with the technical possibilities and competences that we can offer worldwide.

Are you visiting our website as a potential ITB employee? ITB can offer you the challenge you are looking for. Thanks to our one-stop shopping model (with innovative products and processes), there are plenty of career options. Also, internationally, we are located in the Netherlands, Czech Republic and Mexico.


Our specialty is working with high complex products.

We are constantly looking for the limits of the feasible in quality and accuracy.

We pit the tolerances in plastics against the tolerances in metal.

At the same time, we ensure to produce in a controlled way.

Product development

The product development occurs autonomously. After all, a design agency needs to be able to develop without prejudice. And does not need to be bound to production methods like the ones we have at ITB Groep.

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If necessary, ITB can take over the realization of your project as a turnkey project. This is possible for the entire process from product development and design all the way to production

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ITB is a manufacturer of (complex) products from plastic, metal and combinations. Our technical possibilities include a broad range of techniques.

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Examples of our high-quality products and technologies

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Our markets

Automotive (Mobility)

We prefer using the term ‘mobility’ rather than ‘automotive’, because the market for mobility is changing rapidly.

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Due to the growing population and people aging, health and healthcare require ever more attention.

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A new phenomenon has arisen as a result of the global digitization: the ‘connected industry’.

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Consumer goods

When speaking of consumer goods, people do not immediately think of complex products.

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Energy and buildings

The robustness of design comes first, and once implemented, it takes years before the product is replaced.

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Due to the increasing degree of automation, more and more devices and machines are being developed to take over human actions.

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If you want to make a career within the ITB group, you will have plenty of opportunities with us. We are at the top of the market and are looking for people with corresponding competencies

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ITB News

Information about 3D printing is coming soon.

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