We are looking for people with analytical capabilities, flexibility and interest in new technical developments. There are plenty of career options.

Due to the innovative products and processed of ITB, our employees are challenged to rise above themselves.

The organizational structure of ITB also contributes to the challenge: responsibilities and powers are low in our organization. This is the reason our employees are very motivated and allow us to have a low turnover rate.

We strive for a balance between young and old.

We offer working in one of our locations in the Netherlands, Mexico or Czech Republic, regardless of your country of origin. We stimulate further growth and offer our staff the possibility to follow career-oriented follow-up studies

Here you will find our privacy statement for the staff


Esther also seized the opportunity that was offered to her. “I started as a temporary worker  and had an agogic education at the higher vocational (HBO) level. After a few months, I was offered the opportunity to follow the 4-year course of HBO Business Economics and was offered a contract. At the start of this year, I finished all my courses and I will now start writing my thesis at ITB. I think it’s a great experience to graduate on a subject I deal with every day. I like it a lot here!”

This is Mirka’s story:

“I joined ITB as a production employee. I was asked to do quality checks, and I welcomed that opportunity with open arms. I later followed the Yellow Belt course and a Supervisor on the work floor course.

In 2015, I followed another follow-up course, and now I am a production coordinator. I am very happy with all the opportunities I was given within ITB.”


I came here from car body repair four years ago. That company went bankrupt, and then I came across ITB. I was going to become a tool maker, but I liked milling so well that I will continue doing that instead. I have since completed various courses – you get plenty of possibilities for further growth at ITB. Over the past two years, I have been working with a high-quality computer-operated CNC milling machine and I program a lot. You create beautiful products here, and quality comes first. That is a pleasant way to work. And it offers challenges. I wouldn’t want to go back to the automotive industry. The atmosphere is great too, and the hours are flexible.


I started working here last year. I work with the latest Hermle, a milling machine with a robot, pallet exchanger and 130 tools. It is much more advanced than the machine at my previous employer, with more possibilities. Now I can stay up-to-date on the latest developments.

ITB is a large company, and that is a pleasant way to work. No hustle and bustle or panic here, as you often see in smaller companies. Everything is streamlined, which allows you better to focus on your tasks. High quality is more important than quickly getting your work done. I really get satisfaction out of making extremely accurate molds. I also have nice colleagues. As far as I’m concerned, I’m not going anywhere.