Automotive (Mobility)

We prefer using the term ‘mobility’ rather than ‘automotive’, because the market for mobility is changing rapidly. Transport is being placed in an ever more sustainable perspective, and people are motivated to deal with it differently. That has consequences. Combustion engines are becoming a thing of the past and electric engines are replacing them. The e-bike is on the rise.

Monitoring and communicating with products remotely is becoming increasingly common. Products need to become smaller and lighter. This increases the difficulty of the production, but the reliability should not suffer.

These challenges are perfect for ITB. Thanks to intensive cooperation with our customers, we think along and find solutions.

ITB produces components for:

  • motors for electric windows, seat adjustment systems, brake systems and air-conditioning systems
  • gearbox systems
  • (oil) filter systems
  • interior and exterior (small components)
  • e-bike

ITB Group has received the award for ‘best plastic supplier’ for the NAFTA region from Robert Bosch twice.

Automotive (Mobility)

We prefer using the term ‘mobility’ rather than ‘automotive’, because the market for mobility is changing rapidly.

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Due to the growing population and people aging, health and healthcare require ever more attention.

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A new phenomenon has arisen as a result of the global digitization: the ‘connected industry’.

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Consumer goods

When speaking of consumer goods, people do not immediately think of complex products.

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Energy and buildings

The robustness of design comes first, and once implemented, it takes years before the product is replaced.

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Due to the increasing degree of automation, more and more devices and machines are being developed to take over human actions.

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If you want to make a career within the ITB group, you will have plenty of opportunities with us. We are at the top of the market and are looking for people with corresponding competencies

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ITB News

Information about 3D printing will follow soon.

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