Product development

Are you, as a client, in the need for help or advise with the development of your products? That is where Verhoeven Ontwerpburo comes around, which is part of ITB Group. It offers great advantages for all parties to be involved in the design at an early stage. This applies to both you and us.

The product development by Verhoeven occurs autonomously. After all, a design agency needs to be able to develop without prejudice. And does not need to be bound to production methods like the ones we have at ITB Group. This way, we realize the best product design for you.

Verhoeven is product-oriented and is not driven by technology or process, but only by function.

We create a design together with you. It grows into a concept, and then we help you make a prototype. Thanks to our professional knowledge and efficient method, we can quickly realize a prototype and stay ahead of the competition.

Verhoeven Ontwerpburo won the Packaging Award 2017.