Molds and dies

Major added value is that ITB has its own tool manufacturing possibility that can be used for markets with a need for complex or even extremely complex tools (with small to moderate size). We consciously limit ourselves to this specific area. The rest is outsourced under ITB Group’s direction.

Since we own the specific knowledge of creating tools in-house, we are perfectly capable of assessing other suppliers and assigning them to suitable projects.

In order to ensure its own high technological level, ITB has recently invested in:

  • 2016: YASDA CNC milling machine for creating spark electrodes. This is the most accurate milling machine on the market, with a 120-fold workpiece storage to improve unmanned production.
  • 2017: Hermle, 5-axle CNC milling machine with multi flex unit for automated workpiece swapping.
  • 2018: Charmille, wire spark erosion machine.